Jason Bennett was 2010 Runner-Up for Best Acting Coach in Los Angeles City and is Runner-Up in 2011 for both Best Acting Coach AND Scene Study Teacher. He has been featured in numerous articles, interviewed on national and international radio programs and has articles published in print and on-line. He works with professional actors and singers on Broadway, in film and on television sets, and in theaters throughout the country. In addition, he has coached politicians, spokespersons, national news anchors and corporate executives. He recently taught eight workshops in three days at the Florida State Thespian Competition, a conference attended by around 7,000 Florida high school students.

Mr. Bennett's focus is on cultivating the careers of actors and singers by offering practical, beginner and advanced performance tools.

He has created his own one-person shows, and performed in such diverse roles as Malvolio in Shakespeare's "The Twelfth Night," Tony in "West Side Story," and Valére in the classical play "Tartuffe." He has had roles in numerous independent films, and was voted "Best Actor" in a small Los Angeles film festival.

Jason Bennett studied acting, voice, singing and movement with almost 30 teachers, including the techniques of Adler, Barrish, Berry, Boal, Boleslavski, Chekhov, Chubbuck, Cohen, Hagen, Hart, Linklater, Mamet, Meisner, Morris, Moss, Rodenburg, Shurtleff, Spolin, Stanislavski, Strasberg, Hornby and others.

He mastered all the traditional acting systems, his contemporary work described by various professional performers, teachers and publications as "inspired," "genius," "cutting-edge," "simultaneously very deep and practical." His work is rooted in a commitment to continue to evolve actor and singer training to make it increasingly accessible, safe, fun and profound.

jason bennettJason Bennett studied extensively with Master acting teacher Eric Morris (Author of Irreverent Acting; No Acting, Please; Acting from the Ultimate Consciousness, and more) in Los Angeles, who was the first to substantially develop Archetype Work as a tool for actors. He studied Musical Theater at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, consistently ranked in the top three Musical Theater programs in the United States. He then received a BFA in Acting from Florida State University, having been invited into the program without an audition. At FSU, he also received a minor in Psychology and Dance.

He has twice completed the Advanced International Voice Workshop at The Banff Centre with Internationally renowned Master Voice Teacher Richard Armstrong of the Roy Hart Lineage, participating with professors of acting and voice from around the world.

He studied voice and performance with Master Teachers Bill Zeffiro, Barbara Feller, NYU Professor of Voice Richard Armstrong and NYU Professor of Voice Jonathan Hart. He studied audition technique with Broadway veteran Paul Harman, worked with Broadway veteran Prudence Holmes, the "monologue detective," and studied dance and movement at The Broadway Dance Center, Peridance and Movement Research.

Jason Bennett studied Archetype Work, Dream Work and The Psychology of Selves for over 16 years. Mr. Bennett has adapted this body of work for acting, adding it to the traditional repertoire of actor training he teaches. He has completed six times the advanced professional training offered by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone at VDI in California. Jason Bennett studied psychology for actors with Dr. Judith Tamar Stone in Los Angeles. He worked with Dr. Dassie Hoffman in Los Angeles, Yolanda Vlesmas-Koumidou, Catherine Keir, Bridgit Gaspard and apprenticed with Dr. Martha-Lou Cohen.

Jason Bennett has studied voice, singing, evolutionary psychology, archetypal psychology, family systems theory, personality psychology, psychosynthesis, Spiral Dynamics, social psychology, hypnosis, Kripalu yoga for two years with Dr. Kelly Hale, nutrition, exercise physiology and various systems of creative research -- all of this for about 20 years. Jason Bennett studied military survival and combat training with former Russian Special Forces member Sergei Maslikhov.

Jason Bennett still performs on occasion and is working on a book about acting. He is developing an album at his recording studio and is often involved in political activism and strategy.

Jason Bennett is from Tampa, Florida. He now lives in Los Angeles City, and regularly travels to Los Angeles, Canada, Europe and elsewhere, teaching and furthering his training.